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"Inspiring, direct, courageous, powerful, and timely." - Caroline M. Boudreaux, Founder, The Miracle Foundation

About Brandon...

Brandon is an Author, Biker, Adoptive Dad, and a Huge Fan of the Underdog. He co-hosts the HGTV show My Big Family Renovation, is the Author of "Barefoot Church: Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture", and helps lead a faith community called Austin New Church.

He is married to author and speaker Jen Hatmaker. Brandon and Jen are the proud parents to five of the coolest kids in the world: Gavin (17), Sydney Beth (14), Caleb (12), Ben (11), and Remy (9).

Brandon on Twitter...

1 day ago
@junkgypsy Now you're speaking my language.... but maybe you should save them for a little thing happening on Aug 22nd... you guys around?
1 day ago
Join me & @JenHatmaker on June 3rd as we crash the party w/@MrSilverScott @MrDrewScott & @MrJDScott on the season premier of #BvB. @hgtv
4 days ago
Good theology will never make us smug, condescending, superior or over/against, but produce a deeper empathy. -J.Martin
5 days ago
@hgtv Agreed. Great episode! @chippergaines @TheMagnoliaMom
6 days ago
@MelissaMHusk @JenHatmaker pretty awesome!