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Brandon is an Author, Biker, Adoptive Dad, Imperfect Believer, and a Huge Fan of the Underdog. He is the Author of "Barefoot Church: Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture", is Vice-President of the Guardians of the Children (Austin Chapter), co-founder of Restore Communities, and helps lead a faith community called Austin New Church.

He is married to author and speaker Jen Hatmaker. Brandon and Jen are the proud parents to five of the coolest kids in the world: Gavin (16), Sydney Beth (14), Caleb (12), Ben (11), and Remy (8).

Catch the Hatmakers this Thursday Night at 10pm & 10:30pm CST on HGTV for two new episodes of  "My Big Family Renovation".

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3 days ago
Oh Dallas Cowboys... why do you play with my heart so much? #WhyStopNow?
4 days ago
Hey @scottkfoley nice form going 1 on 1 w/the Prez... and yes, you always have to win by two. #crossover #elbowin @ScandalABC
4 days ago
Finally up to Season 3 on @ScandalABC. Love the addition of @scottkfoley. Well done ABC.
4 days ago
The JumboTron says it all. Great way to start the season for Rick and the boys. #MadisonSquareGarden…
4 days ago
As always... Great trip w/@JenHatmaker to NYC. As always... Can't wait to get home and see the kiddos.…


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