Brandon Hatmaker
Send,Go, or Disobey...
Posted on December 5th, 2011

Jeff Harter died last Friday. A tragic ending to what appeared to be a beautiful ministry and life. I don't really know Jeff. I know that he's a missionary to Honduras. I know that he's executive director of a non-profit that ministers to the rural deaf called "Signs of Love".

I went to his website this morning to learn more about his ministry. The front page had these words, a quote from Jeff:

"Send, go or disobey...I have exhausted myself looking for the fourth option. I am presently of the strong opinion that there are only three."

I feel incredibly challenged by his words. In the shadow of his death, they seem to hold more gravity. Not sure why that is, they were just as great words on Thursday while he was still alive. But the fact is, they hold great weight for me this morning so I thought I'd share. Jeff was obviously a straight shooter, I hope you can appreciate that. Here are some more words that accompanied his first statement. I hope you wrestle with them today as I have:

"(As Christians) If we do not have a world view that involves “going” we are quite frankly disobedient to the point of sin. Go ahead and make an arguement that makes you feel better and makes my point “religious” or “too strong”. That is the problem with this discussion, left to our own we do not want to “go” and someone has to come along and provoke us to right thinking... Read Mark 16:15 written in 33AD... nothing has changed."

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Paul Warrington - December 11th, 2011 at 11:01 AM
Brandon more to the story!
Special Prayer Needed
Description: is with great sadness that we share with you that Steve Holtrust, the Beyond Partnership Board President, died on Monday, December 5, 2011 in Honduras. The details are still not entirely clear, here is what we know at this time. Steve Reed and Steve Holtrust flew to Honduras this past Saturday night, not to lead a project but to offer pastoral encouragement to Robin Hanna Harter, a friend from another mission agency, who lost her husband Jeff in a tragic car accident this past Friday.
Steve Holtrust was driving their rental car with Steve Reed, Robin and her mother, when Steve Holtrust was shot by an unknown assailant and died at the scene. The others in the car were not injured. This is the only information we have at this time. This tragedy happened near Tegucigalpa, Honduras in an area where Beyond Partnership does not host teams. We will make appropriate additional information available once it becomes known to us.
Please be in prayer for Debbie Holtrust, Steve’s wife, their daughters and grandchildren as well as Steve’s church and community. Steve touched many lives and this will be difficult for them and Beyond Partnership.
Thank you in advance for your prayers.
Phil Williams
Director of Partnership Development

Paul Spurlock
Beyond Partnership Board VP
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