A Mile Wide challenges it's readers to exchange shallow living for a deeper life filled with purpose. It's a journey toward self-discovery leading to a new identity, better community, fresh perspectives, and a growing justice.

“This book is both freeing and inspiring.” - Shauna Niequist, Best Selling Author of Bread & Wine ​

 “I like Brandon Hatmaker. I like the way he leads, the way he lives, and the way he writes.” 
- Mark Batterson, NYT bestselling author


Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture

Drawing from his more than 20 years of experience working in non-profit spaces, Brandon Hatmaker proves to readers that serving others is not meant to be just a trendy act or event, but a life changing pursuit leading to authentic community and purpose. 

"Inspiring, direct, courageous, powerful, and timely. Hatmaker 'gets it' and gives a wake-up call."
- Caroline M. Boudreaux, Founder and CEO, The Miracle Foundation


An 8-Week Guide to social Impact

​In A Mile Wide and Barefoot Church, we read stories of transformation and a new kind of community resulting from the essential power of serving together. In The Justice Primer, we'll take 8 weeks to study the essentials of engaging Justice through community.  It will be a challenging, risky, and ultimately deeply satisfying adventure as we work together to grow and become what we were made to be.

​"The Primer is set up to help you think about each session everyday from different aspects. If you get this, you will not be sorry.” - Mark Grimes

"This study has spurred our community into action and has begun to change the way we look at serving others. Highly recommend it.” - Carla Laing