"Jesus used great stories to illustrate lasting truths about life, faith, and how His people could engage both in the world more fully. Brandon has done the same in his most recent book. This book doesn’t just invite into deeper water so we’ll know more about Jesus, but so we’ll become more like Him.” 
- Bob Goff, New York Times bestselling author of
 Love Does​

​"No matter who you are, A Mile Wide, has something for you. Brandon approaches a deeper faith, with such tenderness, you will not spend anytime feeling guilty or proud over your faith journey. You will simply feel as though you are reading words from your big brother that cares for your soul and talks about how the good news of Jesus saves us, transforms us, and continues to interrupt our lives to help us see Jesus exactly where we are.” - Jamie Ivey, Host of the “Happy Hour” Podcast

 “I like Brandon Hatmaker. I like the way he leads, the way he lives, and the way he writes. This book will help you deep dive your faith and you won’t want to come back up.” 
- Mark Batterson, NYT bestselling author of 
The Circle Maker, lead pastor of National Community Church 

“Brandon is an intelligent thinker, a godly man, and a passionate pastor who lives and breathes a deeper gospel. This book is both freeing and inspiring, an invitation to a more beautiful and grounded vision of Christian faith.” - Shauna Niequist, Best Selling Author of
Bread & Wine and Savor​


Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture

Drawing from his own journey, Brandon Hatmaker proves to readers that serving the least is not a trendy act of benevolence but a lifestyle of authentic community and spiritual transformation. As Hatmaker writes, "My hope is that God would open our eyes more and more to the needs of our community. And that we would see it as the church's responsibility to lead the charge."

"Inspiring, direct, courageous, powerful, and timely. Hatmaker 'gets it' and gives the modern day church a wake-up call. If you want to join the amazing, scary, awesome, engaging, adventurous, dangerous, passionate and rewarding journey God has in store for you, read this book."
- Caroline M. Boudreaux, Founder, The Miracle Foundation


An 8-Week Guide to serving Through Community

​In A Mile Wide and Barefoot Church, we read stories of transformation and a new kind of community resulting from the essential power of serving together. In The Justice Primer, we'll take 8 weeks to study the essentials of engaging Justice in a small group setting, starting with four weeks of theology and ending with four weeks of practical application. It will be a challenging, risky, and ultimately deeply satisfying adventure as we work together to grow and become what we were made to be.

​"The Primer is set up to help you think about each session everyday from different aspects. If you get this, you will not be sorry.” - Mark Grimes

"This study has spurred our small group into action and has begun to change the way we look at serving the least. Highly recommend it.” - Carla Laing