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"Inspiring, direct, courageous, powerful, and timely." - Caroline M. Boudreaux, Founder, The Miracle Foundation
Brandon is an Author, Biker, Humanitarian, TV Personality, Founder and Director of The Legacy Collective, and a Huge Fan of the Underdog.

He is married to author and speaker Jen Hatmaker. Brandon and Jen are the proud parents to five of the coolest kids in the world: Gavin (17), Sydney Beth (15), Caleb (13), Ben (12), and Remy (9).

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5 hours ago
If you guys were the only ones... it'd be worth it. Thanks Tom!…
5 hours ago
Order #BarefootChurch in the next 13 minutes and you'll get it by Wednesday! #FYI…
5 hours ago
Such a sad reality. We can cover our eyes, but it doesnt go away. We become guilty ourselves of withholding justice.…
13 hours ago
Why is @legacycollect providing teacher salaries in Haiti? "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world" N.Mandela
2 days ago
@khatzfeld I was the youth pastor at SHBC in the late 90's ;)