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Brandon is an Author, Pastor, Biker, Adoptive Dad, and a Huge Fan of the Underdog. He is the Author of "Barefoot Church: Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture", is the Director of Human Care for Community First, a program of Mobile Loaves & Fishes that provides housing and community for disabled and chronically homeless, is Vice-President of the Guardians of the Children (Austin Chapter), and leads a faith community focused on equipping the body to serve the poor and marginalized of Austin, Texas called Austin New Church.

He is married to author and speaker Jen Hatmaker. Brandon and Jen are the proud parents to five of the coolest kids in the world: Gavin (16), Sydney Beth (14), Caleb (12), Ben (10), and Remy (8).

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6 hours ago
When you observe a man seeking the affection of those who can do nothing for him, you know that pure benevolence sways his heart - Spurgeon
6 hours ago
"If you find a man seeking only the affection of those who are great, depend upon it he is ambitious and self-seeking." -Spurgeon
6 hours ago
"I think you may judge of a man’s character by the persons whose affection he seeks." - Charles Spurgeon
11 hours ago
Just wrote out "as soon as possible" instead of "ASAP". Seemed less bossy or rude. Did I over think that?
20 hours ago
"If motherhood hasn’t taught us to die to self, then we haven’t been paying a lick of attention." @JenHatmaker…


"Inspiring, direct, courageous, powerful, and timely." - Caroline M. Boudreaux, Founder, The Miracle Foundation